Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday April 21,2011

hello again. This is my second post. Today is the first day of my vacation of my spring break. i'm so happy that we have a vacation. I have my dance recital in two weeks. i will be in three dances. One for ballet one for tap and then my father daughter dance will be in jazz. it is so funny because my dad has to do a kick line with the other dads in our dance!

nonnie is going to show me how to put pictures on here so you can see things i do. so maybe later i can do another writing.

here are my pictures of my room. i got them into my blog but i can't figure out how to separate them so nonnie is helping me.

this is the corner on top of my book case. i got the big pillow with my name on it when i was born.

and this is my book case. can you tell i like to read?

this is the words that are on my wall above my window.

this is my dance bag that i take to dance every week.

this is one of the first dance classes that i took when i was 4 years old like maxx is now! he doesn't take dance though

this is a picture my mom had taken at a photo place when i was 2 years old. my hair was stiking up with hairspray and i had pins all over my pants like a punk kid
the picture place liked it so much they hung the picture behind there cownter.

i LOVE LOVE HAIR FLOWERS! i came up with a way to keep them nice by clipping them to my little table next to my bed. they look pretty there and my big eye stuffies sit on top!

thank you for stopping by to read my blog!


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  1. Maddy! Thank you so much for sharing your treasures :D Your room is neat as a pin! Could you come and teach Hazel and I your good habits?

    Love love love your blog!