Saturday, April 16, 2011


This is my very first post for my new blog! Most of you already know me. I'm Maddysen and I'm nine years old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO DANCE! My nonnie took my picture for those tutu photos up there. I had to pose and pose and pose, I didn't think she would ever get done! This week in school I passed my state placement test with a 94%! That means that I can do fun things now instead of taking the test over again. I also got the lucky tray in the cafeteria! That is where you get an extra meal for FREE like an extra cookie!!!!

The special project is for field day. there are three different groups for field day. we are making three different sculptures. I'm in the making the alien group. (our alien looks weird, but then i've never seen an alien so maybe it's NOT.)

I had my first practice for my recital last nite! My dad had to work and today i tried to teach him his steps for the father daughter dance. (he isn't a very good learner) we are doing a jazz jive dance from the 1940s. we have practice again tomorrow but he has to work again.

Hope you liked visiting my blog!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog Maddy!I love the ballet poses you put in your banner. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  2. Those ballet poses really look good on your blog....hope to read all about what you get up to on here...WELCOME TO BLOGLAND!

  3. Whee!!!!!!
    what a fun place this will be to visit!!!
    I took ballet when I was in the 4,5,6 grades! It will be a pleasure to follow you around!!!
    Delightful banner!

  4. Hi Maddy!
    It's your nonnie's friend Jen from California!
    I LOVE your blog design and the title. Congrat's on passing the test so you can work on the fun projects. I'll be following your blog and you can visit mine,too. We creative types need to stick together!

  5. Congratulations on the test score!

    And the photos of you look very cute, but I know that grandmothers with cameras can seem annoying at times. It was nice of you to humor her.


  6. congratulations on your new blog and wwwooohhhhooo on that test score!

    La Paix!


  7. Welcome to blogging darling Maddy!!!

  8. This blog is so pretty and fun! I love it Maddysen and I love YOU! Congratulations on getting such a great test score AND getting the lucky tray! Wahooooo!

    Smoochies and Hugs, Granny Tam

  9. Hi Maddy

    My mom showed me your blog. It's really cool!
    Talk soon, Maddie :)